Ultrasound Scans in Pregnancy: Exploring Key Milestones and Expectations with Numi Scan

Monday 2nd October 2023

Discover the essential role ultrasound scans play in prenatal care, and learn what to expect from each type during your pregnancy journey with the expert guidance of the Numi Scan team in Essex and Hertfordshire. Introduction: The journey through pregnancy is a truly remarkable time, filled with excitement, anticipation, and the responsibility to provide the best possible care for your unborn child. As a significant part of prenatal care, ultrasound scans offer expectant parents a unique opportunity to view their growing baby and monitor their health and development at various stages throughout pregnancy. Additionally, ultrasound scans…

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Discover the Benefits of 4D Baby Scans for Expectant Parents with Numi Scan

Monday 25th September 2023

Learn about the advantages and benefits of 4D baby scans, from enhanced bonding experiences to detailed visualisation, and how Numi Scan provides expectant parents with a comfortable and enjoyable ultrasound journey. Expecting a baby is a joyful, emotional, and exciting time for parents-to-be, as they eagerly anticipate the arrival of their little one. Advances in ultrasound technology have provided expecting parents with more incredible opportunities to see, connect with, and bond with their baby while still in the womb. One such advance is the 4D baby scan, offering a detailed real-time view of the baby's features, movements, and development like never before. In this blog post, we delve into the world of 4D baby…

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Essential Tips for a Smooth and Comfortable Baby Scan Experience

Tuesday 19th September 2023

Discover practical tips for preparing yourself and your baby for an ultrasound scan and ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience at professional ultrasound facilities like Numi Scan in Stansted. Introduction: An ultrasound scan is an essential milestone in your pregnancy journey, providing valuable insights into your baby's growth and development. As you…

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Gender Reveal Scans: Discovering Your Baby's Gender with Excitement and Confidence

Monday 28th August 2023

Celebrate Your Baby's Gender Reveal Scan with Numi Scan's Support and Guidance Embrace the excitement of discovering your baby's gender with a gender…

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A Guide to Baby Scans for First-Time Parents: Understanding the Different Types

Wednesday 9th August 2023

Understanding Baby Scans for First-Time Parents: A Comprehensive Guide Meta Description: First-time parents can navigate their pregnancy journey with confidence thanks to this detailed guide to baby scans, including purpose, what to expect, and helpful tips for a comfortable and informed experience. Introduction: Expectant parents eagerly await the arrival of their baby with a mixture of excitement, curiosity, and perhaps a little apprehension. For many first-time parents, the world of baby scans and ultrasound appointments can feel overwhelming, especially when navigating the various types of scans and understanding their unique purpose within the pregnancy journey. Engaging with these essential prenatal services, with a firm understanding of the process, benefits, and expectations, can contribute significantly to…

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Ensuring a Healthy Pregnancy with Well-Being Scans | Numi Scan

Monday 24th July 2023

Learn about the importance of well-being scans during pregnancy and how Numi Scan's expert team ensures thorough monitoring of your baby's health to support you in making informed decisions and nurturing a healthy pregnancy. During pregnancy, expectant parents eagerly anticipate the arrival of their little one while seeking to ensure the health and well-being of both mother and baby. Ultrasound scans play a vital role in monitoring the baby's growth, development and health, providing essential information for…

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Preparing for Your First Pregnancy Scan: Tips and What to Expect

Monday 17th July 2023

This article provides tips and advice on what to expect during your first pregnancy scan. Learn how to prepare for your scan, what to expect during the procedure, and how to interpret the results. Get the information you need to feel confident and prepared for your first prenatal experience. The first ultrasound scan during pregnancy is often filled with anticipation and excitement as…

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Numi Scan Franchise Opportunity

Wednesday 12th January 2022

Numi Scan Franchise Opportunity Numi Scan are now offering business minded people the opportunity to own their own Numi Scan clinic. If you are a qualified Sonographer then you will no doubt be even more successful with your Numi Scan franchise. Our branding is unique amongst other baby scan…

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Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening Test (NIPT) Harmony Test £399

Saturday 27th November 2021

A More Accurate Screening Test for Down Syndrome A new, DNA-based technology Harmony is a DNA-based blood screening test that measures the risk of Down syndrome (trisomy 21) from as early as 10 weeks in pregnancy. When you are pregnant, your blood contains fragments of your baby's DNA. Harmony Prenatal Test analyses DNA in a sample of your blood to predict the risk of Down syndrome (trisomy 21) and certain other genetic conditions. The Harmony Prenatal Test is more accurate than traditional Down syndrome…

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Gender Reveal Scan

Thursday 25th November 2021

Gender Reveal/Sexing Scan A gender reveal scan, also known as a sexing scan, can be performed from 16 weeks onwards during your pregnancy. Includes: Tell you the gender…

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Super Star Baby Scan package at Numi Scan Stansted

Thursday 25th November 2021

Stansted 4D Scan Package Performed between 24 - 34 weeks Just £99 Normally £158.00 Our special 4D baby scan of baby in real-time 4D that can be performed between 24 weeks and 34 weeks of pregnancy. Includes: ✓ Super Star Baby 4D Scan - normally £158 ✓ 4D Scan in 'HD Live' ✓ Listen to baby's heartbeat ✓ Wellbeing report & Gender Reveal (optional) ✓ Digital Copies of All Images & 2D Movie Clips Emailed to you ✓ Six 6"x4" prints ✓ Two 7" x 5" Prints 30 Minute Appointment 20 Minute Baby Scan ✓…

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What is an Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan?

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

An early pregnancy scan is usually performed shortly after finding out you are pregnant. This is usually 6 to 8 weeks after conception and the purpose of the scan is to confirm the pregnancy, assess early viability and to provide an accurate date of the pregnancy (the scan is often referred to as viability or dating scan). If you experience any pain or bleeding in your early pregnancy, we advise having an ultrasound to check all is well. If you have experienced a miscarriage previously, we also advise having an early pregnancy ultrasound…

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